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Custom Made : Factory Automation

The Sailor completed many automation systems for various industries such as medical, automotive, food and cosmetic and they have many different focus points. We closely discuss with client to create the best automation system.

Having any Challenge from your Production Line?

  • 1: Cost Reduction
  • 2: Improve Stability and Cleanliness
  • 3: Improve Production Speed
  • 4: Too Much Money and Time for Maintenance

Sailor has Some Solutions for You

  • 1: We can create a machine to replace for several human hands.
  • 2: Automation system can improve stability and cleanliness.
  • 3: Automation system can be much quicker than human hand.
  • 4: Customized system optimized for your production line requires minimal Amount of maintenance.

Automation System Cases

Parts Assembly System

Parts Assembly System

Pump Assembly System
Automation system for Push pump of shampoo bottle contains more than ten parts with different material and different size. Automation system has inspection unit within to improve the quality of the product.

Combination with Take-out Robot

Combination with Take-out Robot

Laboratory Dish Packing System
Directly from injection molding machine, plastic laboratory dishes for food / medical usage can be packed with maximum cleanliness.

'Half-Automation' System as an Option

‘Half-Automation’ System as an Option

Sometimes, partially automated system will have more efficiency with flexibility to product change.
We can support your system with numerous safety system to workers.