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“The Sailor Pen” making ROBOT

It all started from an automation system of an ink cartridge manufacturer.

In 1969, there had been a robot to take-out the ‘runner’ in the robotics market from other robot maker but there were no robots specified to take out the ‘product’ its self.
We believed that the product should not be dropped from the mold but Instead should be also taken out automatically by a robot to avoid damages from the drop.

And that’s when we decided to make one by ourselves.

The Sailor Pen Co., Ltd. Robotics Division

produces and sells Take-out Robot for Injection Molding Machine and Factory Automation System.

We have a staff of



in 1970.

Location and Contact


The Sailor Pen Co., Ltd. Robotics Division
Shinmachi 6-15-27, Ome-city,
Tokyo 198-0024, Japan


Tel: (+81) 28-31-8711 Fax: (+81) 428-31-8717

How to get there
By Public Transport

Nearest Station : JR Ozaku Station take a taxi from East Entrance. (about 15 min)


History of Robotics Division

1911 Founded The Sailor Pen Co., Ltd.
1932 Established The Sailor Pen Co., Ltd.
1967 Launched the development for automatic take-out robot for injection molding machine to automate the production of fountain pen and ball point pen.
1969 Completed the prototype RX-0 robot.
1970 Exhibit the RX-model and a full automated system for injection molding machine at the third Japan Plastic Trade Fair.
1972 Opened the Osaka Sales office.
1975 Released the RX-5 model. Also developed the automation system for multi-color molding system for the keyboard top.
Traverse type RZ-50, 100, 300 and 500 model released.
1982 Established the Robotics Division with a new factory in Ome City, Tokyo.
1983 Released High Speed RZ-D model.
1985 Exhibited at NPE85 in the USA.
1988 Developed the large size RZ-3000, 4000 model and installed in domestic and overseas customers.
1996 Opened The Sailor (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Bangkok, Thailand.
1997 Established Sailor USA, Incorporated in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
1999 Ome Facility II in Ome City to build Automation products.
CD-R production line completed.
2000 Established Sailor Robotec, Incorporated in Irvine, California, USA.
2002 Established Sailor Robot (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. In Shanghai, China.
2009 Released RZ-Σ series equipped with wireless controller.
2011 The Sailor Pen Co., Ltd. celebrates its 100th year anniversary.
Started manufacturing the RZ-X series at the Shanghai Factory
2013 Opened Vietnam Office.
Released New Standard Model RZ-A series.
2014 Released new high-end model RZ-ΣⅢ.